Re-envisioning The American Dream Of Donovan White

 It was a beautiful sunny day, I was in a great mood and ready to begin this interview with Donovan. I took my seat and waited for him to take his. Donovan looked ready for this interview. His facial expression the moment he sat down had me feeling his confident vibe. Donovan began rubbing his hands together as he waited for me to ask the first question. As I began gathering my questions to ask Donovan I wondered what was going through his head.Maybe he wondered what type of questions I might ask, then I thought to myself what if he can’t answer a question? What if we just stare at eachother with awkward silence? I stopped thinking and just went straight for it. As soon as I asked the question his face lit up in excitement from there on I knew this interview was going to go good.

Donovan Jaylnn White is 16 years old, born on September 10th, 2001 which is in fact 5 days before my birthday. He has a jamaican background and lives in East New york. He’s in the 11th grade and currently is a junior in Academy for Young Writers which is also located in East New York. He plays for his school basketball team and is on the school bowling team as well. From the information I gathered,I realized that he likes to get involved with school activities. We continued to talk about sports and I asked him, “Why do you like playing sports?” He replied, “I enjoy playing ball, it keeps me calm.” It  made me wonder,  is he a angry person? Does he stress out aot?  What exactly does he mean by “keeps me calm.”? I didn't really get to much into that because our time was running out.

The topic of the conversation was still on sports. He said, “I take ball very serious,like I can’t stop playing it.” From then on, I knew he truly loved and was dedicated to basketball. I then asked “Well, why do you feel that way?” His response was, “I do this for my mom and I want to  be successful in life, everything I do is for her.”  I wanted to get deeper into things so I then ask, “Where do you see yourself in 5 years?” He said, “I see myself living the American dream.” That quote really caught my attention,I never really heard anybody speak on the“american dream” so I asked for clarification. Donovan said, “A lot of cars, a big house and a lot of money. I hope to achieve this by becoming a basketball player.” From there that’s when I realized he has goals for himself that he plans to achieve no later than 5 years. By the tone of his voice he seemed very determined.