Profile of Jaden Askew





           “Can school end already!?” was all that I thought in my head while Jaden smiled weirdly at me; a sort of confused but comical smile. “I can’t even write a paragraph about myself.” Jaden said while chuckling. “So why does Alex have us doing these stupid interviews?” I thought in my head. While interviewing Jaden I found out a lot of interesting things about him. While Jaden stays to himself, playing with his hands as he thinks, he is a person who has interests about stuff that people would never guess. You can tell by Jaden’s all black exterior that he had a dark personality. So, how was this interview going to go?

     J also know as  Jaden Askew, was born in Brooklyn, New York on July 9th, 2001. “Make one up” he said,when I asked which hospital he was born in. Jaden didn't always grow up in Starret where he lives now. He grew up on Ave L. He is currently 16 and lives with his mom but growing up, he lived with both of his parents.While interviewing Jaden, all  could think of was leaving the class, because it was so annoying.

      During the interview, I didn't really get much shocking and intriguing information, but Jaden’s dreams were certainly different. He wants to be a detective, which was something you would never guess by looking at him. You would assume that because he is quiet, short, and kind of goofy, he would rather do something that requires less serious interaction with people.

      “My life would be different because I would have way more enemies. I’d be stronger, and smarter. Way smarter.” This quote about Jaden made me wonder many things about him.  Is he insecure? Does he feel like being a detective will give him security? I just don't know the answers to these questions.