Young Writers has separate admissions processes for high school and middle school students.
Please see below for more information about attending our school.


Middle School Admissions

Our middle school program gives students currently in District 19 priority in admissions. For inquiries about available seats in our middle school, please email or call the school.


High School Admissions

Our high school program gives preference to current middle school families, though we always have seats available for new students in our community. We are an Ed. Opt. school that prioritizes student admissions based on attendance and punctuality.

Our admissions rubric weights student attendance at 75% and punctuality at 25% in terms of a student’s overall ranking. For more information about this ranking process please contact the school.


Transfer Students

Are you interested in transferring to Young Writers from another school?

Middle school families are welcome to call the school to see if we have available seats.

High school students need to contact the Family Welcome Center as all high school admissions are done centrally.