Creative Writers Meet




It was a sunny and hot Wednesday afternoon and the classroom was even hotter. I just finished playing basketball in gym the period before, so on top of being hot, I was also tired. I was bored as well. Geovanna is a very quiet person so when she first started to talk to me it was when we became partners. She gave information on her background that I didn’t yet know about her.  She also spoke very calmly.


Geovanna is a type of person that cares about her life and future. She does not let anything stop her from achieving her dreams, even if something is happening in her life that’s trying to stop her  from living a better life.


Geovanna is wearing light colors, a bright yellow shirt that shows her positive side, and dark blue jeans. She looks around while talking

and I think that’s her way of thinking. Geovanna´s way of thinking is different because she is a very quiet person. She thinks before speaking by gathering her thoughts.


“I wanted to be a creative writer because I was going through depression’’. Being a creative writer is more than just  having random thoughts. It's about going through something very depressing, or life threatening that gives you more inspiration. For Geovanna, her depression came from many events that took place in her life, not just one. I remember expressing my thoughts through drawings. The one main drawing that I was doing was my face. I  had to get advice from teachers and professional artists that came to my middle school when I was younger. They inspired me to finish drawing my image.


She had no major depression for some time. Geovanna felt like she had no one to express her self esteem, so now she depends on herself. Geovanna wants to be a writer to express herself.