“Inspired Future Profile Of Jameya”         



      September 26, 2017 was a very tiring day, being that I wasn’t doing great health wise. After going through a tiring day; I was intrigued on who I was interviewing. I found out the lucky person I was interviewing was Jameya Henry. I realized Jameya really wasn’t focused that day. She tended to often doze off, so I suspected she was having a long day as I was.


     As the interview started I began to pay more attention to Jameya. She had on a pink sweater that complimented her skin tone. She wore glasse and had her signature hairstyle which were braids. She still seemed off, she would doze off or say “huh” a few times. Some moments after,  I continued with the interview; Jameya started getting more interested in the conversation. I tried making the interview comfortable for Jameya as much as possible. I made sure each question was appropriate for her. I also made sure she was okay with every question I asked.

      I asked Jameya how she was feeling and every time I asked, she always said she was fine and she would say it with compassion. I asked Jameya how her day went as well. Everyday seemed like an exciting day 

for her. She’ll speak about her participation, the assignments she found interesting, and  about the conversations she’ll have throughout the day.

     Jameya Kayna Faith Henry is a 16 year old young women that was born on March 20th, 2001. This made her a Pieces. She was born and raised in Bushwick Hospital. She enjoys reading and watching cartoons. She enjoys cartoons so much that she wants to become a cartoon animator. She has one sibling and has both her parents in her life. She has a closer relationship towards her mother than anyone else. In school, her favorite subject is English. She enjoys the literature, the amusement, and the people in her class.

     I started asking Jameya if  any of her family members ever gave her quotes that she can live by. The main person she kept bringing up was her mother. One of the quotes her mom always told her was, “Never give up and don’t let anyone stop you.” Jameya agreed with her mom, she doesn’t let anyone stop her from what she wants. Her father would say,  “You’re beautiful and special.” She strongly agrees with her father. It seems like Jameya doesn’t have any insecurities, which is a very great thing because girls her age has plenty of insecurities. She has a very strong mindset and high self-esteem. She’s not scared to say what she feels. During the interview I asked Jameya if she a crush in the school or outside the school. Boy, she was not ashamed of saying their names. I asked her beforehand if she wanted me to write their names in the interview. Jameya said “ most definitely.” She has a crush on two people which are Kobe and Eric (not the teacher). She was very brave and confidence for letting me put their names down.

   Jameya Henry is an outstanding person, she has a beautiful personality and lights up the room with her excitement. She has her mindset on becoming a cartoon animator. She has a couple back bones to help her out in life and those backbones are obviously her inspirations. She has a very bright future ahead of her.