Profile of Trey


Completely dreading this assignment, I sighed gripping the paper full of questions in my clammy hands. I began to nervously walk up to Trey, who seemed to be dreading this assignment as much as me. Maybe even dreading the fact that he got me as a partner instead of one of his friends.  I took my seat in the dimly classroom, next to the bored looking Trey. Who suppressed a yawn, while tapping his foot against the floor.


I notice that he was wearing a plain grey tee shirt with a pair of Nikes on his feet. Leaving me to wonder if it was possible that he prefered more of a simple style than anything extravagant. I was thinking that this was going to be a boring or basic interview considering the person I thought that Trey was. My anxiety began taking over me as my heart raced and crimson red filled my cheeks, I just wanted to get this over with. I sighed again, for what seemed to be the millionth time that day beginning to ask him the first question. Believe it or not, despite Trey’s childish and playful image he has more of a serious outlook when it comes to life and his future.


Trey is a 17 year old student, born on May 21st mixed with both Jamaican and Puerto Rican. He’s an 11th grader attending Academy For Young Writers where he has a decent amount of friends. Constantly play fighting, arguing, laughing, and the amount of curse words that spills out of the teen boy’s mouth you’d think that Trey would be a childish individual and not one to be serious. However, Trey is much more than he portrays himself to be. Sitting down with Trey, I asked him the first thing that came to mind. Leaving my dry lips I asked him if he was more of a talker or a listener. I wanted to know if we at least had something in common. His eyes left contact with mine and wandered around the classroom, I assumed that he was thinking of an answer before responding.


As he leaned his back into the chair he answered, “I’m more of a listener than a talker,” bringing his orbs to stare into mine as he was finished, waiting for another question to be asked. From hearing his answer, I thought to myself that this interview possibly wouldn’t be all that bad. I thought that because I would also describe myself as more of a listener than a talker.  We then begin to discuss a thing about him that most people do not know, and that’s when his love for basketball was introduced.


He sat up and answered, “I like to play basketball.” the way that he sat up and the way his eyes seemed to sparkle as he brought it up, made me want to know more about his hobby. It seemed to be one of his favorite things to do and I wanted him to go more into depth about it. I asked him such a simple question as to why he liked basketball. I thought he was going to give a basic answer like any other typical teen boy that liked to play basketball. But my assumptions were not correct. He fixed his posture in his chair, sitting tall and once again losing eye contact with me as he answered.


Moving his hands around he said “I like to play basketball because it is a fun sport. I get to be happy when playing it.” he paused and looked my way, I nodded indicating for him to continue. He added on that “It gives me a reason to be active, and work hard because I want to win. It gives me a meaning in life. It shows you that there are other things to do than to just sit in the house all day.” He gives a small smile and ends off his answer by saying “It makes me want to train more.” I jotted down his answers feeling both impressed and astonished. I really didn’t expect him to give an answer like that. It showed me that he wasn’t as childish as I perceived him to be. He put the silliness to the side, and explained thoroughly his love for basketball. I assumed that maybe when it came to things that he loved, his attitude was more serious. Through his answer he showed me that he genuinely enjoyed this sport.  


Wrapping up the interview, I asked Trey why does he work for what he wants? I wanted to know why, since that was something he brought up in one of our previous interviews. He fiddled with his fingers before giving me an answer right away. Looking down at the ground as if it was the most interesting looking thing for him in that moment, he answered “Not only does it benefit you, but it shows that hard work pays off. Hard work gives you money. It proves that you did a lot and that you deserve it.” Lastly, I asked him how did he think hard work would affect his future before finally putting an end to the interview. He sat up once again, answering confidently “If I continue to work hard, it will affect my future by making me a professional basketball player, showing that my hard work really did pay off.”


After interviewing Trey, I’ve noticed that he is much more than what he portrays himself to be. Trey is a determined person that is willing to work hard to get to where he wants to be in the future. He sees himself getting better at his hobby and pursuing his dream. That’s why I see Trey from a hard working student writing papers now but to shooting hoops in the future, pursuing his dream right where he wants to be.