Geavanna Polanco


Geavanna Polanco is an 11th grader attending Academy For Young Writers. She dreams to be a writer some day. She loves writing poetry or short stories because it puts her at ease. It’s the only thing that she feels confident enough in. She enjoys that it gives her an outlet to express all of her feelings and ideas. She feels like not enough words could be expressed when you’re talking, but with a pen and a paper it changes everything. There’s no limit to writing. Geavanna’s goal when she leaves high school is to attend college and major in writing, hoping to extend her writing skills. Other than writing, one of her biggest obsessions is a type of music genre known as k-pop. K-pop stands for korean pop. Although people might find her obsession of Korean music weird, she loves it nonetheless. She feels that it is different and it’s another thing that puts her at ease. Her favorite Korean boy band known as EXO, is a band that she highly recommends to everyone.