Hidden Visionaries of a Class Clown: Profile of Nashim



    Was he bored? Maybe distracted? Nashim looked really nonchalant as we prepared for the interview, not really focusing on anything. He was sitting there with his grey shirt and matching pants with his silver 23 chain. I wasn’t too sure, but interviewing him seemed…. What’s the word..? Eccentric maybe? Maybe he was tired. I wasn’t a hundred percent sure. I knew I wasn’t in the mood at all, like I ever was. Yet in the end, he actually turned my mood around. Not in a incredibly heroic way, but in a way I don’t think he even noticed. I was expecting to interview my friend Trynessa, but Nashim was my second choice. I didn’t think Alex would hold my word to interviewing him. I only agreed mainly because I found him interesting. He’s a lot smarter than he appears to be. Me and him are complete opposites. I’m shy and introverted, and he’s well known to be stupidly funny. Nashim isn’t what he portrays to be at all. In fact, you would think he has a whole different personality.

    He sat really awkwardly still and faced me, focused. The classroom was filled with the dim noise of other students conversing. The mellow dim light that came from outside casted the calm environment of the class, besides the noise. Trying to get to the deep intellectual Nashim would take more than just some simple questions. We started with the basics. He lives in Queens with his mom and two sisters. His dad isn’t around as much, he only visits on the weekends but he doesn’t tend  to think too much about that. “I usually see him every other weekend.” His tone stayed the same and his facial expression, very straight and serious. He seemed to connect with his two older sisters and mother better than his dad. His two older sisters “Are trying to get their lives together” as he claims, by finding and sustaining jobs. Being 16 and a junior at Academy for Young Writers, he is what some people claim to be as the life of the party. Even though most of our interactions are in the hallway and this one class, I know him as being funny in the most annoying way possible. This is who we know him as, yet his future seems to be bright and ready in his eyes.

He smiled widely, “ I’m not even too sure to be honest, he has so many good songs” With Drake being his all time favorite artist, he found passion from him ever since his early beginnings. I asked him if he inspires to be like Drake one day, since he finds him so influential. His answer surprised me. “Not exactly like him. Though, as far as partying and making music, being a big part of people’s lives.. Yeah, I’d like to be like him in those places.” He mentioned in the previous interview how the reason why he likes to make people happy was because it made him happy to see others in a good place. That explained why he likes Drake. He gives out such a powerful influence to people all over the world. It makes me wonder why he does that. He told me, “You’ll never catch me in a bad mood, because  I don’t like being sad.” Nashim acting like the clown he is in class would explain a lot since he doesn’t like seeing others being sad. And if you spent a day with him, trust me when I say he could make you laugh in almost an instant.

Branching away from Drake, I asked what else he would want to do career wise. His answer was surprising, maybe more shocking in my opinion. “I want to be a forensic scientist” I paused for a minute, looking at him dumbfounded. A what? I thought to myself. The answer I was thinking was maybe a basketball player or maybe even a rapper. He surpassed my idea of what I thought of him and it made me open my eyes a little wider. He said a forensic scientist has to deal with bones and solving crimes. I was wondering if maybe in the future, he would want to take a forensics class or look more into it. He further said that in a more ideal stance, he would want to own his own business. Nashim clearly has an idea of his future, and how he wants things to be done. Though he may not have a fully mapped out plan, he knows what he likes and what he would want to do with his life. He resembles himself as this carefree kind of guy, but in reality, he wants to be successful in the long run and in the process bring people happiness.

Nashim is someone who would cheer you up if you were in a bad mood, yet at the same time he works hard to understand what is given to him and has a group of friends who stick by him to the end. Overall he is intelligent with the mindset to do great things in this world. Towards the end of the period, I watched him write down his notes. You may not intentionally think of him as being a person like me, but you can never judge a book by it’s cover. “That’s just me.” He smiled ,“That’s what I’m about, there’s always something to laugh about.” With him, he always did find the best in nothing, to be the joke of the day, and the center of attention. He is just Nashim, and no one can take that away from him.