Hard Worker That's Down To Earth: Profile of Janiah



I woke up this morning, had to pee, looking in the mirror I said to myself, I type look like A$AP Rocky if you're standing on the roof looking from a 90 degree angle. I then thought to myself that I'm ready to interview Janiah. She’s a girl that go to my school (AFYW). She was born January 26th and she lives with her step and regular family in Brooklyn, New York.


Janiah was a pretty cool person and she was also very calm. When I interviewed her, she spoke loud enough for me to hear. Usually when I see her, she always quiet. That's probably why people think that she's just into her books, because she doesn't talk that much. I noticed that she speaks to her own little group of friends and that she seemed happy with them. During the interview, I asked her, “What annoys you?” She said, “Nothing really annoys me but I hate ignorance.” In the next interview I asked, “What are some things that are ignorant to you?” She answered, “People that think I’m innocent, they don’t think I know anything.” People think that she doesn’t know anything, but she’s actually a cool person.


My and Janiah’s definition of ignorance is a little different. To me, ignorance is when people don't understand what you're saying and they try to call you dumb for saying it. To Janiah, ignorance is when people make misconceptions about her. For one thing, Janiah told me that she has been playing piano for five years and she is ambidextrous. To me, I think that's very cool. Not a lot of people know how to play the piano and use both of their hands equal. I think that people make misconceptions about others in this world because they don't know the truth about people. In the interview I asked Janiah, “What is your favorite subject in school?” She responded, “English.”  I then asked her why. She said she liked english because she like to read and write. If I didn't know Janiah, I would have thought she was just one of those smart quiet girls that stayed to themselves.


Janiah sits across from me looking down and fiddling with the paper that covers her desk. The first thing I noticed about her attire was that she was wearing a Panic At The Disco band tee. That's why I asked her, “Are there any celebrities that you really connect to?”  She said, “Tori Kelly, because she talk about everyday things. Tori kelly talks about people everyday struggles and what people go through every day.” If she is listening to music thats talks about everyday things then she knows about a lot of things in life.


So who is Janiah? Janiah is someone who you can go to and have a good conversation with. She is that person who’s bound to talk about the coolest things. The one that knows a lot and you could get information from. Janiah is the type of person you could call and learn something from. So when you see her, no, she’s not the girl who doesn't know anything but books. She’s that girl who knows everything including books.