A profile of Malik Garrett


  “Everything you do leads to what you have become.” I came into the class annoyed as always. I forgot we had to do an interview, so when I came into the class, I sat in the back. Malik was sitting in front of me, laughing and playing around. He had his braids all over his face and he was playing around with the boys (Nashim, David, Trey and etc) he was punching them. Before we were beginning the interview, he came in the class and was like  “We working together bozo”, he then laughed. I already knew a lot about Malik, so it was like “ugh whatever”. I used to have a little crush on him when he first came into highschool but I’m passed that nasty stage.  During the interview, Malik was very nice. He was smiling and just looking around. He was wearing black clothing and was shaking his leg.

    Malik Garrett was born in Brownsville on June 29,2000. His childhood was “fun as hell”. After he turned 11, he moved Upstate. He came back to Brooklyn when he was 15. After he came back, he came to AFYW. This was the sixth school he has attended. I wonder how it felt to go to different schools and trying to make friends. Even though his life was good, something happened to him that changed him for the worst. Malik was 15 when his aunt passed and ever since that happened, he suddenly changed. Throughout the years he has kind of gotten better. He still to this day, says he misses her. I can relate to him because there are certain people I miss as well. I wonder what kind of relationship they had.

     I always wonder how his life was and how he actually changed. Malik was always so reckless, he didn’t care about how people viewed him. He was barely in class and always so disruptive. Malik and I were kind of similar because I used to act just like him. I always had an attitude and didn’t want to be in class. I was always  worried about me and what makes me happy.

    I also changed for the better just like he did. The way he changed was by him actually caring about other people’s feelings. He also ended up falling in love and he started viewing things differently. Malik doesn't really explain much about himself, he likes to beat around the bush. He says certain things but doesn't go in depth, the most I got from him was when he spoke about his relationship. I believe that  this was Malik’s first real relationship, he explained how he fell in love with her around October and how their relationship went about. At one point he said, “I love her but i’m not in love with her.” I believed what actually was going through his mind when he said this. He said he cared about her a lot.

    So, Malik ended up getting transferred out due to some problem he had and he will be definitely missed. He was such a bright student and what happened was so unnecessary. Since he left, I didn’t know to say. There are still some questions I wanted to ask him but I won't be able too.