Our team itself is a fortress with strong members that serve as strong pillars. Each of us specializes in a certain area, and as a team we are able to make up for other members weaknesses. We do not break down if a problem arises, but instead we assemble to formulate a solution.  


We are a force that stands resolute in our will to progress at what we do; always trying to improve robots so they work at maximum efficiency. If perhaps we do fall, we only get sharper and become better prepared for the next time we tackle a challenge.

In the end, our team spirit is large and we embody the well known feeling of togetherness and family that is AFYW; our different personalities mesh and mold together the way magma cools and hardens itself into the elegant stone known as obsidian.

 Our team logo is a black fortress with 3 purple crystals inside the fortress. The three crystals in the fortress represent the three years of interactions we have under our belts that we are bringing to the team, including trials that we may have had to overcome with each other in order to work together as well as we do.

Our logo was originally designed in 4 different ways, an design #1 was selected by a unanimous vote.


Here are a few names that were written down off the top of the head, and some logos that were drawn as i experimented with designs. Team colors were easily decided on during the drafting phase so there are no draft color combinations.