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Our Mission Statement:

The Black Lives Matter Movement at the Academy for Young Writers strives for the empowerment and unification of African American youth not only within the doors of Academy For Young Writers but in the surrounding communities. Standing on the two pillars of unity and empowerment, we devote our time spent at The Academy For Young Writers to making every minority student and community member, comfortable with themselves and proud to be diverse.

What We Believe In And How It Will Effect AFYW:

The members of The Black Lives Matter Movement believe that this is a club where students can come and express how they are feeling on whats happening in our community. We are here group or individuals with the same goal of wanting justice for all of the innocent black men, women, and children who were unarmed but were still gunned down by police. We are hoping that our voices will have the biggest effect on AFYW including staff and students. We are hoping that we can open up everyone's eyes to what is going on in America right now and how Black people especially are becoming targets to not only police but to anyone who feels like they can kill an unarmed black person and get away with it. As teenagers we feel like because of our age we cant do much and people wont listen to us but it only takes a handful of us to start a big movement.


Peaceful/Silent Protest:

On May 19th, 2016, the members of The Black Lives Matter Movement felt as if our voices weren't being heard nor were we being taken seriously. So we took action. At 3rd period we gathered in front of the main office, silently, and put tape around our mouths. Teachers made remarks and asked us what we were doing. We had a list of demands that weren't outrageous and handed them to the secretaries and also our principal,at the time, Courtney, and our vice principal, AAden. Our demands included, being taken seriously as a group and receiving the same fairness and treatment as any other club in AFYW. With that meeting we were able to express how we felt and we were able to show everyone that we were serious about making this club grow into something amazing.

“Everything starts from nothing, hopefully this nothing can become something”