We started a small school to emphasize the important role that personal relationships play in academic achievement. Our core belief is that when students feel connected to their school community, they achieve at higher rates.

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Join the staff at a progressive 6-12 school in Brooklyn, NY                                       Academy for Young Writers, East New York, Brooklyn, United States

The Academy for Young Writers is filling anticipated vacancies and reviewing resumes from experienced teachers in all subject areas.

 About Us:

The Academy for Young Writers is a 6-12 college preparatory program. We use writing across all areas of our curriculum as a tool for engaging students, deepening understandings, and creating connections with the world.  All courses are exhibition-driven and project-based.

We are part of the Urban Advantage middle school science initiative. We utilize Teacher’s College Reading and Writing Workshop curriculum in our middle school humanities classrooms. All middle school students take coding courses each year, which lead to AP computer science and robotics courses in High School. We partner with the following initiatives Algebra for All, Learning Partners and AP for All. Teachers are encouraged to use growth mindset and mindfulness practices to support students.

At Young Writers, we believe in Restorative Justice. When conflict occurs, we focus on ways in which students can repair harm and learn valuable life lessons from the incident.  We value the power of the relationships students and staff members develop through our Advisory program. Staff members are trained in restorative circles through Morningside Center for Social Responsibility and we utilize Morningside curriculum in our Advisory classes.

Our school has been recognized for empowering student voice to create critical change in our community and in the larger world. We have thriving student leadership including Student Council, Black Lives Matter Movement group, and our Gender-Sexuality-Alliance was named GLSEN’s GSA of the Year for 2016. Our students participate in the Borough Student Action Collaborative and the Student Voice Collaborative.

Our modern school building on the Spring Creek Campus provides educators with the technology and facilities necessary for a rigorous, engaging, and comprehensive 21st century education.  Each room is equipped with a smartboard.  Computers and iPads are available for teacher and student use.

Who We Are Looking for:

We are looking for experienced, progressive, committed, and creative educators who are excited to be part of our staff. Ideal candidates are excited to work with a diverse group of learners and believe all students can reach their full potential when they have the proper academic and social-emotional supports. Candidates will also come in with experience or interest in learning more about Restorative Justice Practices. Strong candidates will have the ability to work collaboratively with colleagues in developing curriculum, shaping school initiatives, and meeting the academic and social needs of our students.

 Teachers at Young Writers:

  • Regularly collaborate in grade teams, departments and professional learning communities (PLCs)
  • Plan innovative curriculum and exhibitions using UBD and technology
  • Engage in professional learning both on-site and off-site
  • Serve as an Advisory teacher and primary school contact for a group of 10-15 students
  • Establish a classroom culture consistent with the tone and philosophy of our learning community
  • Reflect on successes and struggles in the classroom to consistently improve their teaching practice
  • Are willing to work collaboratively with colleagues and support staff to address a student’s emotional and academic needs
  • Must have NY State teaching certification

How to apply:

Send resume to jobs@academyforyoungwriters.org

What’s Special about Young Writers?

All students at Young Writers have advisory class 5 days a week. Advisory is like your immediate family within the extended family of the school. If you ever have a problem in the school or need some help getting back on track, your advisor will help you out however he or she can! In Advisory, you will learn skills that will help you in your academic classes. You will also form an identity as a community of learners who are here to support one another

At Young Writers, teachers follow steps to support your growth emotionally and academically When trouble arises, teachers work in partnership with students to assess who caused harm and to whom did this harm affect. Through a supportive pathway of conferences, mediation sessions, and restorative circles, teachers and students work together to repair the harm caused toward individuals and the larger community. All of this is to help our community make wise choices and grow together

Exhibition Based Curriculum

The curriculum at Young Writers is designed so that units are centered on a real world applicable project, called an exhibition. We believe that students learn more and form deeper understandings of ideas when they are asked to apply what they have learned to interesting, multi-faceted projects, as opposed to always being asked to complete a pen-and- paper test. There will also be a presentation portion to exhibitions so that students are given a chance to share and celebrate what they have learned with the larger school community.

As a student at the Academy for Young Writers, you don’t just get to write for your classes. You get to write for the world! Your community here values your voice and wants to know what you have to say, so students here are given the opportunity to have their written work published at the end of the school year. Congratulations to all of the Young Writers who were published in anthologies last year!

We partner with several community organizations and school-development initiatives. These organizations include Pathways To Leadership (P2L), East Brooklyn Congregations (EBC), Urban Word NYC, Expanded Success Initiative, ISA (Institute for Student Achievement), Urban Advantage, PSAL League, and CHAMPS Sports.

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